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Fernando Clark III, MA

Doctoral Candidate

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My research examines social inequality in two ways. I analyze the ways that social inequalities are reproduced in institutional structures, policies, and practices. I also examine the lived experiences of those who are affected by structural social inequalities.

Research Interests

I am a critical race scholar whose work lies at the intersection of crime, inequality, and health. 

In criminology, I focus on the lived experiences of people with a criminal record. I examine the role of racialized organizations, policies, and community knowledge in the reentry process.

I analyze how social actors racialize Latinxs and how these portrayals recreate social and political inequality. 

I also focus on how stigmatized identities affect different aspects of health, such as mental health and health care access.

Research Projects

Dissertation: Latinos in Georgia

Collateral Consequences of Parental Incarceration.

Latinas in Media

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